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by Preachas in tha Hood (AGE)- Ain't No Supa Starz But G'z Us

Pastor AGE has recorded, produced, co-produced over 13 records in the Gospel music industry. Pastor AGE has traveled all over the U.S., Japan, & South America speaking and performing. Pastor AGE is formerly of the the Dove Award, INSP Television Network nominee with the Group PREACHAS IN THA HOOD! In 1999 the album 'Tears of a Gangsta' was nomintated for top awards. PREACHAS IN THA HOOD has won several awards for community efforts and one in particular the ROHI ministry award. Pastor AGE is the lead pastor at Tha MYX International. Pastor AGE is currently working on his third solo release(Fall 2011) and still travels and performs all over the country. Pastor AGE along with his younger brother FLOW signed a contract to at the time Grapetree records. The world's #1 Christian Rap label. Featured in publications and magazines such as The SOURCE and many more. Signed from 1996-2000 Pastor AGE left a deal that offered 7 years on the table and started the the record label 'GODSTYLE RECORDS' and connected a distribution deal worldwide. Released artist Internationaly from 2002-2008, Pastor AGE has since then closed down the label. Currently launching a new vision and MEDIA GROUP, Tha MYX Media, will be focused on publications in all media formats. Be on the lookout for more from Tha MYX MEDIA GROUP!