Greater is He...

"Greater is HE that is in me than he that is in the world." 

I mediated on this scripture today and think about how BIG GOD is. God is not just the center of all that I believe in but He extends beyond everything that I can even imagine. Monday's are my sabbath day. This day I am suppose to take time out for me. But it's really impossible as the Lord is the center of my life which then makes me keep on ticking for the love of others around me. Yet not not I but the Lord in me moving me. Is this foreign to many? Would some ask, who are you talking about? It would be to me my life. So with it, I meditate on God day and night. I look at the problems in the world, I give them to God. These are GOD SIZE problems and yes, I won't trip, I'll let Him handle it. A simple reminder of my knuckles tatted 'DONT TRIP'. My wife and I had some prayer this morning. One subject matter; "We gotta have faith." Yes indeed we do. With all the needs, with all the duties, with all the work and with life we can be caught up in the things that bring us to a holt. Or, better said, these are things that will bring us to our knees. Maybe it's intended that way so our "FAITH WILL MOVE MOUNTAINS." Leading me back to the simple but yet profound thought, "Greater is HE that is in me than he that is in the world." 

Thank you JESUS (TYJ)