As this thanksgiving approaches and then passes, it's a day or season of happiness. Happiness that excites us as family not just because we get to eat the best of fancy foods but because we get to hang out and watch football (guys) and eat turkey and eat pie and eat leftovers and eat and eat and eat, till we are stuffed to the gills! Oh what a wonderful time it is. Well, not so well for those who are in a season depression because of a lost loved one; mother, aunt, uncle, cousin, far away in another state from family. It's in this time we remember such great times we've had with them. Although things may be exciting for some and not so exciting for others we still have one thing in common on this very day of thanksgiving. Thankful that we have had such great times with those we've lost, thankful that we are alive, food in our bellys and even though you may be going through tough times, we can all relate on this thanksgiving day that it's in thankfulness we can celebrate thanksgiving together oh the Glorious things God has done for us! So be encouraged in this season. Be thankful because it's there that we can all as a human race feel the connection of love on this GREAT THANKSGIVING DAY!!!